A new work in Pharology

When it is published, Industrial Lighthouses will become the third volume of three in Ken Trethewey's Pharology Series. The first volume, Ancient Lighthouses (2018), presented a complete description of how humans first developed their ideas of lighted aids to navigation and how the lighthouse was first conceived and built. The book covers the period from the first years when humans travelled by water to the year 400 when the Roman Empire had grown used to relatively safe and effective sea transport with its own network of lighthouses.

In the second volume, Medieval Lighthouses, the period from 400 to 1700 will be covered, a span of time that ranges from the Dark Ages (500 to 1000) through the Medieval Period (1000 to 1500) to the start of the Industrial Age at about 1700. The book is expected to be published in 2023.

The third and final volume of the series will cover Lighthouse Engineering and Lighthouses of the Industrial Age from 1700 to the Present Day. Expected publication date - 2025.

Ken Trethewey is a pharologist with more than five decades experience. His ancestors were lighthouse keepers across five generations, and his great-great grandfather was a “Keeper of the Eddystone Light.” Professionally, he is a retired marine engineer and educator specializing in materials in engineering systems and has written a successful book about corrosion. Since retiring in 2009 he has concentrated on publishing books on jazz and lighthouses.